Fringed Jacket, the IT jacket

As you probably herd me saying a lot recently, the 70´s are back, stronger than ever, and what marks this comeback are the fringed items. I find this pattern very interesting in bags and shoes, but it´s not enough for my eyes, probably because I´ve been seeing it on every window as far as I can remember. 

The jacket, on the other hand, it´s innovative in the sense that it hasn´t been "fashionable" since the mid 80´s . If you wear it, you don´t feel dull at all, it´s a rock star clothing and that´s exactly the sensation you have while wearing it. I would say it´s a masterpiece we heritage from the hippie era that can be easily pulled of today. It´s material is often suede (imitations for me) in brown, grey or black and can be worn either with skinny jeans or with flare jeans to create a more vintage look. I thing that the second option is a little bit too much, I´d rather adapt it to the 21st century. Street style is full of it, turn right, turn left and a fringed jacket will be seen. 

My last advice is to twirl and twirl to show off your jacket! Have fun!


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Fringed Jacket


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