DKNY outside NY

Casual outfits? Yes, please! 
  I realised that when it comes to get dressed up for an event or party we find it easier, probably because it doesn´t happen very often, but the problem comes when we have to dress on the morning before a long day of work/school. We think, sometimes over think, about how to feel comfortable from 8 to 8, but also taking into account that we don´t want to look boring, neither repeating the same outfit every Monday as if it was a uniform, Right? 
 Well, I happen to have the same sensation every single day! But recently I found a way of "uniforming my clothes". 
   1- Jeans are a must, (as long as you don´t require a strict formality), I´m a huge fan of ripped jeans, but also a pair of basic blue jeans is my almost everyday go. You can also change the shape, saying boyfriend tipe or high waisted are easy to pull of, but not as skinny jeans. 
   2- A graphic t-shirt is always helpful. Nowadays there are more and more, with crazier phrases and some more intelligent. The smarter the quote is, the bigger impact it will have. If you are unsure about it, I included some in June shopping guide that I´m currently loving.
   3- A blazer or biker jacket is such a necessity when the sun is not burning the city. Almost always I wear the same black biker jacket, a total classic for me, but when I want to look less crazy and more formal I go for a black blazer. The trick is in rolling up your sleeves, it makes such a difference.
   4- Leave the heels at home or if not you won´t be able to make it to Friday. I´m not saying you need to change them for a pair of vans, no, no. Let´s take advantage of this love the fashion industry has given to the slip ons and wear them! Get a black pair and your week will be solved.
   5- A backpack is the new black. No more heave handbags that end up hitting everybody you walk by. A backpack is comfortable and the weight is on your back and not on your shoulder. If you look for a backpack not made of canvas or jelly plastic, you´ll ace this point!
   Bonus Track: I forgot to include a pair of sunglasses, but they always make an outfit more interesting. Something as simple as a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer always works.

I hope you find it useful, and have a lovely weekend!

I´m wearing :
                       this DKNY graphic t-shirt, this Saint Laurent slip on sneakers, this Zara backpack, this HM jeans, this YSL lipstick in Rouge Laque and a blazer similar to this one.


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