19 in Topshop Unique

Today I did a little brunch at home to celebrate my birthday, again, but this time with my childhood friends. (You can read about my actual birthday here ) As I probably already told you, I decided to celebrate it with them on a Saturday that it´s university free for all of us. Now that we all have different schedules it´s hard to find a moment when everybody is available. 

I really want to thank all of my friends for coming and making it a wonderful evening. Also thank you for coping with my craziness and boyfriend jokes. I love you sooooo much!! 

Also, thanks to my Mom for all the preparation, it was lovely and very complimented! For the bruch I kind of had some sweet and savoury snacks, including a strawberry and brownie cake that was so hard to serve! I´n never buying a cake with mousse again! I will for sure get more dulce de leche macaron, there´s nothing better! No more food talking for now...

As regards my outfit I opted for this dress from Topshop Unique (the Topshop brand that is presented on the London Fashion Week) Spring Summer 2015 collection. It was mainly in this primary colours and British as usual. I like it because it´s not a very common shape, but it´s not extravagant at all! I accessorised it with my old heels and a simple biker jacket, both in black. To coordinate it with the dress, I chose a red lipstick and, casually my new sunglasses also matched it! This is one of my favourite outfits so far, well it clearly is it was my choice for the birthday. I think that the key on styling this dress is finding the accessories. I first thought of wearing boots on the shape of  "biker boots", but then I realised it was informal and it didn´t look very good on me taking into account I´m not the tallest. 

I need to stop with this obsession towards this outfits and try to relax now because the next couple of days will be hard (no party at all). Have a lovely weekend!


The mind behind everything...

My school babes! 

Some girls from uni, and Aldi who is everywhere! 

And more childhood friends!

Welcome back to the group of brunettes Viqi!

And Checha, the next top model!

Oh, look, it´s Aldi again! 

Hi Clari, the selfie lover!

And last, the whole group brunching!

I´m wearing:
Valeria Mazza Sunglasses
Red Lipsticks


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