Too Fit to Quit

Monday is probably not the best day to work out, but I strongly believe that it´s better to do it daily, so for me there´s no option (unless I don´t have time, which I try to have everyday). Shortly, in July to be more precise, I´m travelling to Aruba, and I set myself on the goal of getting a little bit more fit for the date. I´m not going to go crazy about it, but I´ll try my best and now that I´m shearing here, I will have more pressure. I don´t need much motivation in order to work out, I find it as stress reliever, but I do enjoy wearing new clothes!! I mean, who doesn´t? I recently got this outfit in Victoria´s Secret, and even though I´m not going to train like an angel, I´ll try my best! Let´s move!

P.S. I´m writing all these after eating cake for my best friends birthday....which reminds me to wish her Happy Birthday again! LOVE YOU!!

I´m wearing: Victoria´s Secret Pink tights (not available online), sports bratee and water bottle. My shoes are from Reebok.


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