OrneLGA travels to NY

What to do when in New York? There´s always something to do. Sometimes too many, so today I´m sharing my favourites places to visit and some snaps I really love with you.

On the way from JFK to Manhattan I had to entertain myself, and pictures were the solution. Trust me I had at least 2 hours of commute, full of excitement, what else! You should always be ready to face a traffic jam, so be patient!

5th Avenue, and already drooling...

Times Square
or the Square of Time as I don´t call it. It´s probably the most touristic spot in the city, so why don´t I start here. It´s crowded 24/7, so don´t expect to come back later on the day and see less people, that´s only possible in your dreams. I like seeing all the lights, and yeah it has it´s charm. 
You can see more pictures in this post.

M&M world! So childlike, hihi

First thing first, Hard Rock! I had to show you how weird the decoration was, so...

What´s New York without going to the theatre? This time I decided to see CHICAGO! It has a funny plot and talented actors. I had a huge laugh to be sincere. I´ve previously saw Mamma Mia and The Phantom of the Opera, and this one would be in the middle, being my all time favourite the former one.

(just realised that when I screenshot this picture, the silly circle didn´t move and it happened quite a lot lately...ahhh!)

Following OrneLGA´s mental map, when in the Times Square, turn left on the 42nd street and you´ll come across one the most beautiful parks in New York, Bryant Park. 
I already talk about it back on this post.

My moms building!

And if the walk continue, passing 5th avenue, you´ll find the famous train station, Grand Central Terminal. I have an image going around my mind of Serena from Gossip Girl arriving here. It´s a great stop for food and shopping 

Oh, and United Nations, the place I´ll have to visit when I become president! JK, but it´s a nice place to see and verify if it´s real.

On a totally different landmark, there´s 5th avenue. IT street if you ask me. Famous for being the house of many designer stores and Saks, but recently I´ve seen the birth of many high street stores in the zone. HM moved to a bigger store (with like 5 floors), Forever 21(if I´m not wrong is where HM used to be) and has a photo booth machine yeahh!, the famous 666 that belongs to Zara, and my recent crush, Topshop. There´s so much to shop!

This is a miracle, for the past 3 years at least the Saint Patrick´s cathedral has been under reconstruction, but for the first time it´s front was clear to the view. What a moment to be alive.

The Rockefeller Plaza or Building, where I like going and always failling to find the Argentinian flag.

I want to tell you something about Bloomingdales. I found that there´s a Laduree in there, see

Not only LOVE, but also HOPE. 

Going North we have Central Park. Breathtaking view. As I already told you, I had the luck to see it snowed! It was cold, but extremely beautiful.(If you can go visit Magnolia´s Bakery, as Carrie!)
You can read more about it here.

Columbus Circus has a nice shopping I really like visiting because downstairs there´s a whole foods full of flowers and cookies... and I don´t have supermarkets of this kind near me.

Let´s go south now. First stop Herald Square. a.k.a. Macy´s and Victoria´s Secret time!

And every year, Macy´s decorates the store with flowers because of the spring beginning. 

Oh, and The Madison Square Garden, I heard about it once or twice...

And I also went up to the 86th floor of the Empire State (not of mind) and a nice experience you can read about in this post. 

And not before stopping at Lord & Taylor to meet Amber Fillerup. She´s my favourite blogger and now that she lives in New York, I can´t stop checking her blog to see more pictures of the city.

Next on the list comes the 14th street, where a couple of things you can see including the well known High Line and Union Square. Must see landmarks for me and remember to read more about it here.

And on the way I came across the Flatiron, a rare building known for it´s architecture. Just imagine what it would be to live there!

The last neighbourhood I like to show is the SOHO, one of the most popular places nowadays. I dedicate it a blogpost back here

And last here are some pictures we took from the other side of the river. Isn´t it magical? All those lights, all that magic, and it would be the perfect time to quote a song by Taylor Swift, but isn´t it better if I simply play it?

I hope I could include it all, but if not remember I´ve been posting a lot about in social media using the #ornelgatravelstony. Thank you all for reading and if you have any other question, make sure to leave it in the comments.



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