Happy Birthday Camilo Mirko

Today is Camilo´s 2nd birthday, of adoption of course and I decided that it was the perfect time share my experience as the owner of a hamster. The other day, a friend of mine asked me for advice on the topic, so here I´ll tell what is it like. 
First I will tell you Camilo is. When I was in my last year of school my classmates wanted a "class pet", and it went down to voting and out of 24 I was the only one against. A hamster was perfect for a class because it doesn´t make any noise or is too distracting. As regards the name, half wanted Camilo and the other half wanted Mirko, and the solution was Camilo Mirko. The day he was brought to school I was sick and missed as well it´s "baptism" (he´s a very religious hamster), but then everything went well. Some took care of him and in the end of the school year I took him home. I´m not that kind of person who grabs the hamster, I prefer to just look at him. It´s so small that I´m afraid any movement I make will harm him. 

When it comes to food. he mostly eats hamster foods, and loves fresh fruits but I try to avoid it because they contain sugar or something like that. You need to check if he has food in his plate every two days, and sometimes you´ll see there´s not much an hour after you´d put him food. This is because they tend to fill their mouths with food and take it inside of their houses. And change the water as well.
This reminds me that they need a place where to hide. He always stays in his coco-house because it´s warmer I guess. They need a wheel to exercise, but in winter and when they get older they stop using it with frequency. 
You need to clean the cage every three days. There´s no reason for this apart from the smell.
They are nocturnal animals so if you go early to bed there are days you may not see them. 
Another important thing is not leave anything inside the house because they tend to eat it. Don´t expose them to the sun and leave them inside.
They are easy to transport but my friend wanted to know if you can take them on a plane. I don´t think so, but I don´t have the answer to this. What you can do is leave them two days alone but with a lot of food just in case. 
Another thing that scared me at firs was the sniffing, but I found out it´s totally normal and has to do with the wood.
They are lonely animals, they don´t need much attention and prefer to be alone and not to share the cage with another hamster. And remember they reproduce quite fast. 

As I told you, it´s easy to take care of a hamster but the draw back is that they don´t live much and that´s why I will never have another one. At least what I learn with CM is that live can come from something so small. 

Next there are some pictures of what he rally likes to do:

Camilo and his Girlfriend
He´s girlfriend is actually one of the mice from Cinderella and we added a bow to make it look like a female.

Camilo and his car... singing "they see me rollin, they hatin"

Making "friends" with Leopoldo

Keeping hydratated

But he preffers eating

And not a huge fan of working-out, but sometimes

And does acrobatics

And in general, is always surprised!

So that´s pretty much all I have to say. I now it´s not fashion related but it´s his birthday and wanted to tell a little bit about him.



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