Happy 4th Birthday Leopold

Today is a very important day, Leopoldo, my ginger cat, is turning 4! Actually, it´s not his real birthday, but it´s the day we adopted him. I remember seeing a small ball on the ground two blocks from my house, and immediately went for him. But he was reluctant to my touch and moved from his spot. I quickly came home and picked some food and went back to where I saw him placing the food there. I patiently waited till he got the tramp and picked him up. You know what they say, the way to a cats heart is the food!  He wasn´t happy at first, but I knew it was better for him to be here than on the streets. The following morning, when I woke up, my mother told me he was nowhere to be seen. But I could still listen to his unhappy meowing. He had skillfully, gone to the garden, but again with the help of food came back. Now four years later we are friends, and from my experience I can affirm that gingers are the craziest! And there are plenty of anectdotes I could tell you, but it would take me while and I´m always running out of time, so that´s all for now, and ejoy the pics!

Happy Birthday Leopoldo!!!!

You fancy my shoes? Keep in mind they are not edible.

I´m wearing: this jeans, Zara sweatshirt, this Sam Edelman sneakers and Ray Ban sunglasses.

My iphone case is from Skinny dip London and took the polaroid with this camera (mine is pink of course)


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