Summer A Line

 This is not a TBT, but if you remember, a couple of posts before I wrote about how obsessed I am with denim A Line skirts, in particular this one form Topshop I already styled for winter in this post. Now it´s time for a summer outfit, for a normal day in the city while it´s still, you know, while you can still walk a block without ending up as if you´ve just finished a 10km marathon. Sorry for being so graphic... Skirts are must for summer and I can tell you that button down denim a line skirts are must. Who remembers when skater skirts were the item of the season? Well, now that we are having a 70´s comeback, a line skirts are the basic item. If you ask me, I recommend buying just a denim one (unless you realise it´s you perfect match) because with how fast the fashion world evolves, we don´t know for how long we´ll be seeing them everywhere.
  Easy to match, casual, and the "it" item of the season, are you ready to go shopping now? If it helps you, I listed some at the end of the post so that you have options. 
  I wish all a long relaxing weekend and see you soon!

I´m wearing...


A LINE SKIRTS by ornelga featuring a blue skirt

STELLA McCARTNEY short skirt

Zara blue skirt

Topshop skirt


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