St. Patricks Parade

Happy St. Pat... ooppps! Sorry that was on the 17th of March... Luckily I saved all the memories from that day with my camera and here I am ready to show you a little bit about that important parade held in New York. I mean, it´s so important that 5th Avenue, I repeat, 5th Avenue, is closed to transit! 
The show is extremely long cause it counts with the participation of all kind of public workers, schools from around the country, associations based on county's like Japan or Spain, and anybody who claims to be name a few. It´s amazing how some are so prepared, it´s not just walking on the street believing they are models. The majority play music or dance and wear typical clothes as the kilt. I know it has nothing to do with Saint Patricks, but there are always references to him in their flags and names. 
Particularly, this year, two things called my attention. First, a group of boys who were singing that song that says "´s a long, long way to Tipperary..." that I used to sing back in my primary school days. And second, a group of Argentinians walked on the parade. In fact, I knew they were going to be there as it was organised by one of my friends father, but witnessing it with my eyes made me extremely happy.
I come from and Irish school so I know a lot of St. Patricks and Ireland and I would like to spend a 17th of March there, but I can´t complain on this parade. It´s something unique. I mean, it´s a celebration not typical from the US, but is celebrated as if it was! I remember that when I was younger we also paraded around my city in green skirts and crazy accessories singing along Molly Malone...memories that I will cherish with me forever. 
There´s something really important when it comes to this day, green. Everybody was wearing something green, and I decided to include it in my boho outfit in my hat. What do you think, did I catch the Irish spirit? 

I wore:

Topshop coat - Mango hat - Forever 21 Dress (can´t find it online because they have such a wide variety) - Topshop rings


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