Snow in the Park

  Happy hump day! I hope you have a good one! Let´s get stated with this article.
  It´s titled "Sonow in the Park", as you can see it´s a very creative way naming it, just describing what I see. You might be wondering, which park, there are hundreds of parks, and why is it relevant? Well, my readers, this is Central Park! Located in the hear of Manhattan, NY, and has 3.41 square km. Quite a lot if you ask me, and it looks like even more when you want to walk all the perimeter on a post snow day. It´s was hard, I won´t lie to you, but apart from being worth it, I was so excited that I was practically running, and this is probably thanks to my Circus by Sam Edelman sneakers. Yes, no hunters today. I had no intentions on walking directly on the snow, so I picked the most comfortable (and fashionable) shoes I had with me. 
  I was telling you that I had snowed the day before, to be more precise this day that I visited the SoHo. It was an all time memorable experience. You don´t always get to see the park covered in March, and if I´m not wrong it was the 2nd day of spring. It was amazing because the tell you that the park is either white of green, and with my luck I´ve only seen it brown, not bad, but not as good as this images.
  You know that I walked the perimeter, which means a lot of walking, from the 59th to the 110th street, from both sides, not to mention the long streets from 5th to 8th avenue. And the cold from the snow was a total bonus. To tell you the truth, it only took me 2 hours... but the way back was done running cause I was freezing! Anyway it was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. Highly recomend it! And if you have the time, walk through any internal street to see those little friends that reside on the treas and the lake...I´m talking about squirrels, ducks, pigeons...

Thank you for reading and enjoy the picutures,

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