On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Hello people with Internet! Today is Wednesday, the hump day, but in this occasion it´s the last day of the week and I couln´t be happier! The thing is that I´m so happy that I decided to share this set of pictures that for sure, are the most fabulous ones from the past month.
Forget about Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, about Sharpey in High School Musical, it´s all about ornelga in New York today. (haha sorry I had to) 
By now, you have enough clues in order to imagine what my outfit looks like. YES! I´m wearing pink! I used to be such a fan of pink but with time it faded away, but after I saw this coat in Milan last year I had to buy it no matter how much space it would take of my luggage. Now I´m happy with this purchase as also got this dress, and more recently THE sunglasses of my life. I think that my inner pink princess is still inside of me, but I know I can´t go around in life dresses up like this (it´s too uncomfortable) but it´s a nice outfit when you are standing in Times Square and about to enter the theatre...you know, on that street called Broadway.
Overall, on Times Square everybody is taking pictures so I looked kinda normal...
I´m a sincere person and I must tell you that the Mean Girls are responsible of my outfit, they said: "on Wednesday we wear pink".

coatMiu Miu sunnies, Skinny Dip London bag via Topshop, Zara dress and shoes, and Moschino case.


  1. I'm in love with this look is amazing :)

    I already found your blog and I really like it, would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know it in my blog darling :)

    xx Lisbeth


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