No Words

  How was your weekend? You´d probably been seeing pictures from Coachella in every social media and sleeping, right? I took advantage of my time and updated more from my trip on the blog, so soon you´ll be seeing more. This post is clearly from New York but instead of showing a bit of the city is just a personal style post. 
  I´ll start with the skirt. A line skirts are back on the market. I love how all the 70´s are back! This kind of skirts are characterised for being fitted on the waist and becoming more loose, in the shape of an "A" as the go down. The most popular nowadays are over the knee, but in time longer styles were appreciated. In fact, I think that in huge A line skirts lovers as, it girl, Alexa Chung you can still see them. I don´t if it was her or somebody else who set this trend, but if you are looking for some inspiration go and check her street style. This is the basic of the season. And can be worn either in winter or in summer. (I´ll show you how do I style it for the summer soon, so stay tuned)
  Moving on, I come across my coat! God, it is so warm! I recently purchased it in Topshop from their new collection, and this means it´s from a spring summer collection, but in fact is perfect for those cold days, even when it´s prone to snow. I´ve been asked on the street how warm it was, and my answer was 10/10. And very stylish as well.
  Last but not least, the shirt. It´s white but not plain. Turn around... I found it very interesting how it had some nice words on the back. And it´s perfect for the moment because New York´s beauty left me speechless. Plus it has two pockets on the sides that you can´t see because I have it inside the skirt, but it´s long and pocketful?
   I´m loving this outfit that is magically all from Topshop (I linked the items at the end) which means they have a wonderful collection that revivals the 70´s perfectly!
Have a lovely week XXX,

A line Skirt - No Words shirt -  coat


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