From the 86th Floor

  This post is more to see than read, but I´ll tell you my experience anyway.
  As you can tell, while I was in New York I decided to visit of the most popular landmarks, the Empire State building, located on 5th avenue and 34th street, and allows you to have a great view of all the city. Bellow you can see the view on each direction





  Unbelievable right? I was really scared at first because of that bad experience I had when visiting the Dome at the Vatican, but unlikely from that time, I felt super normal here. I attribute my state to the open air and cold weather. As regards the crowd, the situation was different. When I arrived I had no tickets but the process was super quick, except for the fact that the control your belongings and so on as if you were at the airport. When I arrived to the lift the line started. After some time, when you finally allow yourself to the lift, you will regret being so fat. The personal space is forgotten as you are sharing the reduced closed space with at least other 20 persons. 80 floors afterwards, you don´t arrive to your destiny, but you change from lift. There was a 20 minutes delay for the elevator, so I took the stairs and 6 floors later I finally arrived to the 86th floor, final destiny. What came next was appreciating the breathtaking view. And now is your time to enjoy...

I wore:

Saint Laurent shoes - Spirit Hood - Zara black jeans and blazer - Alcott Sweater

And you can the sunglasses my Mom is waring from Quay Australia here


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