A walk to the 14th Street

14th street is one of the most important streets in lower Manhattan. If we start from the Hudson river you first find the High Line. The High Line was originally a railway but due to is disuse it became a park that is now 2,33 km long. At this point, it has a wonderful view of the 

The second point of interest is the Union Square, another park located between 4th and Broadway avenue. For me, it´s one of the best views from the city and that´s why I always want to go back. Here you have several places to including a Whole Foods market and the best place to find designer or usually expensive clothes at a good price at the Nordstrom Rack. Seriously, if you happen to be in New York go there. Some things might be last season but not all of them.

Oh, I also found this building really interesting, it´s like the Flatiron child!

It was a great experience to go on foot from the central park to our final location. It was amazing to see all the Chelsea neighbourhood and I realised how many pets were there. I also recall that it was very, very, very cold and windy (you can see it on the pictures). But it was a great experience in the end. If you are in a good physical state I recommend you this walk and I allow you to wear running shoes if it´s necessary.

I wore this Hunter boots, this wolf hood, this zara coat (also loving this one from topshop) and this Miu Miu sunglasses.


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