OrneLGA travels to: Vatican City

I just realised I´ve never posted my travel experience to Vatican City. This State is located inside the city of Rome, and has around 800 citizen including Pope Francis. From I experience I recommend you to go on foot, it´s around 20 blocks from the center of the city and you have to cross the bride and you are there. I went twice, once to listen to the Pope on his Wednesday audience and another day to visit the place and the museum.

The Audience is a kind of  ceremony in which the Pope goes around the place waving to people and in the end he gives the blessing in different languages. From my experience, the best thing you can do is to hire a tour to get here because you need to get there early, and in this situation you can get seats. I didn´t care about beign seated, I just wanted to see the Pope because he´s from my country and so on. I decided to stay near the doors (that were open) and waited until they closed them so I was on the border and could see him from the front row. When the moment came everybody was screaming, and my mom was the main one, and magically Francis turned around and did a blessing and my Mom almost fainted. I just wanted to take a picture and I did. To our luck, after going around the other square he came again on our pathe but on the other direction. More pictures then. After this, the Pope speacks in 100 languages ... well not 100, but there were like 15, and people from different religions (I´m saying this because some were wearing floor lenght tunics, or turbants and covered their faces...like in special gowns), and it made me realise that this event is not only for catholics, it´s something you should see if you visit the zone.

For the second time, I went on foot and saw incredible landscapes  as when you cross the Tibet through the bridge Vittorio Emanuele. What to do?
1- You will first see the St Peters Square with the obelisk and basilica on the background. It´s nice to take pictures but SOOOOOOOOO crowded. You might have to make a line to get into the rest of the places next.
2- Now you can go up to St Peters basilica dome. You have to pay in order to get there (I´m not sure, but it´s around 5 euros) and for 2 more, you can take the lift until the 200th step. Oh, you should know that you have to climb 500 steps, just that. MY PROBLEM started when we were getting higher, and the stairs space was minimum, just for one person (If you are too tall, try to get smaller before going), and it was inclined. Not to mention that there aren´t many windows (one of 2 cm every 50 steps). The thing is that I almost fainted because you can´t see the end, so you don´t know how many steps are left, plus there´s no way back because when you turn around you only see people packed behind you. When you finallyyyy arrive to the top, the view is incredible, but I had such a bad experience to get there that I coudn´t enjoy much of it (mainly because there were hundreds of people on the top). The bad thing is that nobody warns you about the closed spaces you are about to get into.
3- When you are lucky enough to get down, you´ll arrive to the inside of the St Peter basilica where you can see many religious things that if you are catholic already know about (and if not, you probably don´t care).
4- On some point you need to eat something, but notice that if you want to make it to the Vatican museums you should be there before 4 o´clock and can stay inside until 6. You need to walk a little more to get here, but it´s not hard to find, just circle the place and you´ll see the place. Remember you need to get tickets for this as well. In around 3 hours you can see it all. It´s easy, there´s only on way, and if there´s something you are not interested, just keep walking. I´m not going to tell you everything you can see but I was totally impressed by some of the ancient tapestry's. There´s also a section of art, and found one by an Argentinian artist.
Great experience!!!
And I almost forgot to tell you that at the end of the experience you can spend some time in the gardens that are so quiet! It was the best part of the day!

I hope I could help you and sorry for the delay on this post.. I don´t know what happened!



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