My tips for a cool summer...

Today I´m shearing with you some tips for those days you don´t have to go to school, uni or work, and the temperature is definitely not cool, but you are.

1_ Hidratation
This is point number one because if you don´t drink enough water you won´t be able to do the next activities.
I like drinking water, but if you don´t fruit juices are a great alternative. I know that water based ice creams are good to! What to order in Starbucks? My go is the iced skinny vanilla latte, because I don´t like their frozen tea... I like ice tea, but the one you can get in the supermarket. 
Even Camilo knows he needs to drink water! Cutest hamster ever!!! 

2_ Protect yourself from the sun
It´s not only about the inside but also the outside that you should take care. 
Why? Because the sun can have big consequences on your skin. It´s important to apply sun protection before going out, and repeat this action after you get into the water or every two hours. If you want to get a tanning that lasts longer and don´t want to peel yourself, follow this advice.
I recommend the Eucerin Sun SPRAY FPS 50... Better prevent than regret! And for the lips (because that´s the worse part of your body to get burnt) I always use the Nivea lipstick for this. I´m going to tell you a little story. Last December I got a cold, but I woudn´t reject an invitation to the pool, so I went all the same but forgot a lip balm, and when I got home (a day before Christmas) my lips were more swollen than Kylie Jenner ones... Horrible! All the lip skin was torn and I had to put a lot of cream and line my lips in red to make them look normal for the pics...
Other important issue is to cover your head if you are going to spend a long time under the sun, cause you can get insolated and you don´t want to stay in bed with 40 degrees. I know this is not longer a problem with all the cool hats we have today. 
And I always, always wear sunglasses for mere comfort. I simply don´t see a thing without them. And I also look cooler under my shades.

3_ Make use of your spare time
During the year there are many things you always wish you could do but you have to postponed because of your lack of time. Open you eyes! This is the perfect moment to finish that year bucket list (it´s a good idea to make a list). This year I wanted to:
- read "The fault in our stars"
- try new hairstyles as the ones from Amber Fillerup tutorials
- I wanted to try a new manicure
- sleep (I was not successful here, but Leopoldo did it for me)
- play more with my dog cause you don´t always have an old friend who stills move like a puppy
- work out more
and more! Make use of your time! AND REST!

4_Go to the beach, outside!
You´ve got free time to travel. If you were lucky to save enough to go to the coast, do it! I don´t have much to say about this, but just being on the beach, getting into the sea, sunbathing, eating, going out, shopping...whatever you can do. See what I did in Punta del Este (if you follow me on instagram, I´m sure you´ve already seen it)

5_Spend time with your friends
And last but not least, you´d gotta spend time with your friends, if not who are you going to do all your activities with? Remember it might be the only time of the year in which all your friends can hang out together, take advantage of it! And over all, HAVE FUN!

I know summer is over in the south and there´s still some time to go until the holidays on the north (apart from spring break), but start planning it! Remember about that list I told you before? 

I wish you all the best, and hope that you can all have a wonderful time. 



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