Bryant Park

Hello! Happy Monday! I´m back from New York and fuelled up to post all the pictures from the trip. For the first one I picked this casual outfit I wore to travel and for the first day. The pictures were taken at Bryant Park, located on the 42nd street between the 5th and 6th avenue beside the NY public library. I love the view from this park, the buildings that surround it and the huge amount of chairs you have (the only problem is that in winter is very cold to stay her, but I bet that during the warmer weathers many New Yorkers spend some time here). 
I love travelling and even if I´ve been going to NY quite frequently I always find something new to fall in love with and by this I mean all the new shops. I believe that New York is that kind of city with activities for everyone like outdoors attractions seekers, museum lovers, shopaholics, drama club members, architects, culinary experts...whatever you want to do, at any time you want. I remember reading that in a place they served Chinese food at china eating hours! And this also proves the point that this city never sleeps, like never! You will always find something open, no matter the time, the weather or the aliens invasion!
Gosh! I love New York, and I can´t wait to go back (hahahah), I´m always ready and according to Taylor Swift "It´s been waiting for you"
I´ll be posting more soon so stay tuned! 

Have a lovely short week, xxx

this jeansa blazer similar to this, a similar turtleneck to this or this one.


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