Sea and Flowers

It´s been so long since I went to the beach, but I was saving some pictures unintentionally. On the past I had some school activities, I had to take care of my cat, and yeah, fashion week updates. Ir´s nice to remember the warmer weather, and even if it is super hot here, it´s not the same when you are on the beach. That´s nothing new, but my flower headband is. I know it´s been popular for a year or, so and at first I didn´t like them, but after seeing it on the Dolce&Gabbana runway, I decided to give them an opportunity... But, there´s always a but, I couldn´t get a decent one. If the story isn´t hard enough continue reading. I was on the beach and I saw that they were selling them, but I had no money with me. A couple of days later the same story happened, but out of nowhere my dad appeared and asked him for money and got this one and red one. I was over exited, and even if the story is irrelevant, I wanted to share my thoughts on flower crowns. I listed a couple of the ones below for you to shop. 
Beach, beach, beach... I wish I could sing : "Let´s go the beach, beach, let´s go get away", but that´s as impossible as travelling to mars, so I guess I´ll have to live on this memories. 
My bikini is from Victoria´s Secret from last season, but have you seen the new ones? They are to die for! You can still get this bikini bottom and this and this similar bandeaus.
Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Flower Crowns
flower crown

flower crown by ornelga featuring a floral crown

Berry flower crown

Cara floral garland

Berry floral crown

Tie headband

NOVA green garland

Pink flower crown

Head wrap headband


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