OrneLGA travels to: Pisa

Hey! How is the first Monday of the month treating you? I´m kind of busy now (you probably noticed my lack of instagraming...?) but it´s normal when you come back of a long holiday so I can´t complain. Talking about travelling, this is new post about my trip to Italy, in this case to Pisa. Yes, this is where the iconic tower is. When I first look up the place online it was not something very interesting apart from that building, but I couldn´t not go! To my surprise, when I got there, the place was much more interesting than what I had expected. Small city, with narrow stone streets that can be taken as pedestrian, a cosy atmosphere and the best high street stores in the middle of this. As I was saying, it´s not a big city so you can visit it all on foot. For example, I went by train so I got down on the train station and from that point you start walking through the main street and a little further from there you have the establishment where the tower of Pisa and duomo are located. Full of tourist and probably the most nerve racking moment of your life. It will take you a couples of tries until you get an acceptable picture (notice how cool my moms photo looks!). You have many restaurants and bars in the zone and also near the centre where the shops are. And before leaving I had to take a picture with Mr. Vittorio Emanuelle II. 
I highly recommend going to this city as you get to now how the Italian lifestyle is. Not so many tourist apart from the towers, so you really see how they live. I was beyond my expectations!

Have a nice week! xxx Orne

P.S: I almost forget to tell you that the walk on the river side is so peaceful and with such a beautiful view of the houses on it´s sides. Don´t miss it! You can´t be lazy while travelling! 


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