Milan Fashion Week A/W 2015

Third on the list comes Milan, Italy´s centre of fashion, home of the big names in the industry at the moment.  With that said, let´s get started with the shows.


Stella Jean
A revolutionary collection, in a variety of colours with autumn browns, a lot of checked pieces and, the note of colour, the pom poms. The item you must see is this hand painted coat, incredibly beautiful!

Alberta Ferretti
I spot a little Valentino in all the transparencies and a little Dolce in the golden embroidery and Spanish vibes. Could it get any better? I don´t think so.

No. 21
Natural vibes in oversized sweaters, dresses and pretty much everything. The colours are very soft and as I said before, a very fresh collection.

It looks simple, but if you pay attention the colours are interesting and also the proportions (maxi or minimalistic). Change your mind, and give it a try.

Lace, textures, a little hippie, preppy and youthful. With the prints, stamps and accessories, it´ turns into something aimed for a stylish teen.

Philipp Plein
Black, black and black. And you know what? more black. Of course the difference relies on the materials, all kind of fabrics. It´s all very provocative, but the outfit is not complete without a hat, right?


Max Mara
Outerwear (coats) made a great impact, creating an atmosphere that made you feel that the model (Gigi) was felling cosy (comfortable and warm). In a range of pastel colours and sand brown, the collection was a little office alike but with the charm of  Max Mara.

eeeehhh... I have nothing to say...

Just Cavalli
I´m not a huge fan of Cavalli, but lately I´ve been loving it. It´s not that much provocative as it used to be, and that makes me like it. In warm colours, different textures, some 70´s shapes... A lot of interesting materials as the ones you can see bellow. Thumbs up!

60´s girl in pastel colours. It´s lovely, you can easily wear it... I don´t see any negative side on the collection. (It helps that there was a lot of pink)

I LOVE Moschino (not only Love Moschino, all Moschino...bad joke). This collection could be divide into a least 5 different ones: graffiti, colour block, toy, denim over metallic and cartoons... That´s a bad levelling, but I love every single one of them. It´s like something you would wear on your childhood and be extra excited, and you slightly stop when you grow older, and seeing it on a runway you feel as if being a child again it´s legal...


wow! I´m a huge fan of Blumarine, and it never fails to impress me. How the mix transparences with flowers (the usual blumarine) and this season with multicolour metalics as in star shapes...that I love, love, love!

Emporio Armani
Masculine vibes everywear... just black, and some blue and red. Simple, loose, unexpected for me.

Another one of my faves. I´m so happy that Giambattista Valli has this little sister collection. It´s feminine, delicate, and with that rare kind of belt... just avoid that.

I see patchwork, I see brown, I See gold (and white, not blue and black), I see beautiful fabrics that would look amazing as curtains, but somehow the work for clothes. It´s original, and I like it. We don´t see many collections as this, so let appreciate it.

Killer Versace! It absolutely provocative as always. It´s going to be a very very worn collection... mayby not as much as it´s previous couture one, but I see a big potential on the boots, and the dresses. What do you think?

This is the maximum of sport I can achieve. It´s not true, but the collection is sport, and the biggest highlight would be the outerwear and the unconventional way of closing it.

Philosophy di Lorenzo
Must see collection!


Bottega Veneta
Bold colours, that remind me of samples of colours in square shapes. It´s a modern print (maybe it was used in the 60´s), but I like to call it modern. The shapes are not to crazy. They are loose, long, simple pieces.

Antonio Marras
A romantic collection in black and pastels, inspired by the Italian actress Benedetta Barzini.

Roberto Cavalli
Opulent, provocative, new fabrics... There´s not much to say, you better see it.

Jill Sander
I was reading a review about how the collection resembles a geometry class, and I think there´s no other way on describing it.

Emilio Pucci
The last show by Peter Dundas for Pucci was a mere goodbye show. Inspired by the zodiac signs, there was a little bit of everything. A modern side in black and white, some embroidery, velvet, transparencies, fringe... it´s worth your view.

1st of March

Loooong lenghts, in dark colours, not many details, just layers and accessories as belts.

Dolce & Gabbana
What´s not to like about this show?  Anything! PERFECT! Let´s start by saying it´s very DG, roses, red roses, lace, golden accesories, headbands, with the south of Italys opulence and the north elegance, "va va voom!", The characteristic of this collection was the Italian "MAMMA" from the 60´s. I believe this is the reason, whatever your age is, you´ll find it interesting. It has a childlike side on the drawings or phrases such as "i love you mamma" on the dresses (this reminds me of Angelina Jolies wedding dress), but also a more wide range of dresses shapes that could be worn by preggos (there was one on the runway), new moms, my mom and me. It´s amazing...and I will remember it. THUMBS UP!

Salvatore Ferragamo
Another geometrical collection, that includes knitting and primary colours with black and neutrals.

Interesting collection on bright colours (kinda of colour block on black) but more interesting shapes as in the coat, or mini dresses with long boots. Nice, very nice.

Stripes, stripes, stripes, and I´m not sure if this is correct but I see the colours of nature in all the creations, am I right?

Au Jour Le Jour
I´ve never heard about this brand but I really like it. I see a lot of vintage inspiration like from the 60´s (mini skirts, high boots, floor lenght coats, round sunnies, PVC, colours). A+


What can you expect of Dsquared2? Anything. And for me anything is a mixture of the native american tribes, and a militars outfit (jackets mainly). And lets not forget about the tattos, right?

Giorgio Armani
It´s to Emporio Armani collection but better. It´s softer and more feminine. Great way of clossing the week.

I don´t own any of the individual pictures, they either belong to or Vogue UK.


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