London Fashion Week A/W 2015 (+ TFLA)

London is one of the top 4, I'll dare to say is the rising stars one. I think that the next generation of designers presents here. It´s moderns and vintage at the same time, but over all is very british.

Day 1: March 19
Best fake fur collection ever! But it´s not only fur, this collection includes sweatshirts, skirts and shoes, but the coats are a must see. There´s a reason why Alexa Chung likes it so much, right?

Jean Pierre Braganza
Drape, a must in this collection. Colours that go from black to maroon only. It´s nice until you see the accessories, I´m sorry but I hate that thing that looks like a turtleneck.

Felder Felder
When your collection is so good you name it twice right? FF made collection that is night ready to wear, all black, but the interesting touch is given by the transparencies, and paillettes.

Eudon Choi
I will never get over that scarf. Like never. It´s more important than the outfit itself and has my fave trend so far, the fringe!

Male inspiration, structured geometric pieces, classic colours, it´s all summed up there.

From LA: Tom Ford
Tom Ford decided to present his collection in the house of celebrities this season for reasons of schedule as regards the Oscars, but this didn´t prevent him from creating a collection that varied from a rock style, 70´s inspiration and some old Hollywood glamour.

Day 2: March 20

Mother of Pearl
Want to please your granny? Mother of Pearl has the solution for you. With a not so old fashioned line with some sporty vibes you´ll please your granny.

One of my favourite collections so far. With some teen inspiration and the best colour combination, the brand decided to use special materials as PVC, but most importantly, a lot of knitting.

Emilia Wickstead
Forget about the coats, now you can have it´s warmth on any piece of clothing as seen on the EM runway. What I like the most is the pastel colours, last years trend for summer now for winter.

Holly Fulton
Ready to take all the looks a the party? Holly Fulton created a collection for woman that is always ready for a night out and is not scared of being original. With maxi accessories and quite a lot of lace, a great collection that is going to be remembered till next season.

Julien McDonald
A gothic and dark side was seen on the runway, with the most detailed cocktail dresses.

Lucas Nascimiento
Tropical prints and the most incredible fabrics inspired on the tropical Brasil.

Simone Rocha
Velvet, tapestri fabrics, and organza is all it takes Simone Rocha to create an original collection (not as good as her previous one) that right be a little hard to wear, but is still creative.

Gareth Pugh
Based on the idea of "sacrificing yourself to something bigger than you are" makes me think of how he connected to all the British people that scarified themselves. Still it´s a little scary, or is it just me?

House of Holland
WOW! I´m not going to talk about the outfits because we all know Henry Holland has the biggest imagination when it comes to clothes designing, but now he also innovated the runway. It´s the 21st century and models don´t walk anymore. The show was presented on moving walkaways. AMAZING!

video by Fatalefashionlll  (starts at minute 20)

Day 3: March 22

David Koma
Finally a futuristic sight, it may have some 60´s shapes but the materials and colours make me think about what´s next and not what was trendy before.

Sophia Webster
Original as always. This time with the "coca cola" logo in some of the items, and bam! you are a hot stepper!

Paul Smith
In the designer words: "It´s all very wearable, things you can add to your own wardrobe" and yes it´s simple, fresh, mixable...

Temperley London
Prints on prints, sequins, transparencies, scarfs so that it´s clear it´s a winter collection. Magical! It makes me think of S/S collection, but it´s still good. Personally I would wear this.

Take me to the 70´s and 90´s. Literally it´s a mix of both. Who remembers the first episodes of Friends? It reminds me so much about it. But the prints (floral) and colours also make me think about the "peace and love" era. I like it!

Matthew Williamson
Floral, floral, and more floral prints in colours adapted to the winter season like violets, blue, green...yellow. It looks like a spring flowers field, but I like it  and just that. When the collection is good you don´t think if it is for winter or summer, you just like it.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
It´s Vivienne Westwood and her inspiration is always the earth and nature. The message is clear: protect the earth or you´ll have blood in your face. I must say I like that bag, and the black dress would look good with the right accessories.

Mary Katrantzou
Tapestry look a likes fabrics, a lot of work on fabrics over fabrics and shapes created with it. It´s a hard job, but well done.

Orla Kiely
I´ve never seen something so ready-to-wear. The typical dress you want to wear to work or school looking casual but feminine.

Jonathan Saunders
The fun 60´s are present in the boots, sunglasses, colours, and shapes. Another thing to take into account is the printed fabrics with stripes and abstract shapes.

Day 4: March 23

Antonio Beradi
It´s all structured here, even the ruffles and drapes made with a bright hard satin fabric that alternated between plain and leaf printed ones.

Handcrafted pieces, long process of work and in the end you get this detailed collection.

Pringle of Scotland
200 years of fashion for this brand that for this fall 2015, opted for knitted pieces and puts emphasis on the texture, mainly wool and velvet, keeping the proportions big.

With big interiors decoration inspiration, the designer created a collection of feminine shapes dresses in bright colours. What I´ll never get over is that coat in brown that degrades into a bright green and floral prints in green.

Barbara Casasola
The brasilian designer incorporated a little of fun in the middle of the structured designs she always have. As you can see on that dress down here with all the colours that for the time being remind me of the carnival... it was probably not inspired by it.

Burberry Prosum
I see a continuation, an evolution could be said, from the previous collection. The floral print is smaller, the colours are darker, the ponchos has a fringe now... I really like it, it´s boho but elegant at the same time, look at trench coat for example.

Focusing in the fabrics he choose to only use a white, black and red palette in order to drag your view to the design. I think he did it!

Christopher Kane
This collection had a variety of dresses, started with black simple suits and ended up in this beautiful gowns. Many transparencies and materials as velvet, hand pain, and a some shiny details. Other thing that could be seen was a person, a woman to be precise, image.

Peter Pilotto
Inspired by board games, yes by games! it´s a fun and playful collection with bright and strong colours, a rare thing, over clasic shapes as an a-line dress or a pecil skirt.

Hunter Original
As I said earlier on this post, the focous is on the runway and not the clothes. In this case, the british wellis brand opted for waterfall instalations beside the runway. It´s a great way of setting the rainy mood ideal for the boots!

Extravagant outfits inspired by the gothic Victorian era, full of details and a matching make up created an atmosphere a little scary.

Day 5: March 24

Marques Almeida
A collection with several collections inside. One of denim, another on patchwork and elaborated printed fabrics, another on metallic colours... As a whole, I spotted some 90´s inspo, a lot of colours and drapes. There´s no more room for anything else.

Michael van der Ham
Elegant and delicate collection of dresses in several textures in feminine patterns.

Rebellious, sexy, original, opulent, more of sexiness...Yeah, that sums up the collection.

Ashley Williams
Coolest collection this year! What we all want right now are fluffy coats, sporty dresses, sweatshirts, and appliques. I love it!

-Fur, let´s stay with fake fur as in Shrimps, the new celebs favourite.
-Spring/Summer prints as flowers, flowers and more flowers.
-Textures and a variety of fabrics.

Pictures via Vogue UK and .


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