Follow me to the beach

OMG! I´m so excited! You wanna know why? Because of this pictures. Today I´m shearing with you this set of pictures I took last month in Punta del Este around 8 o´clock (an hour before sunset) on a windy day. You´ll clearly see that it was windy because of the water sports, empty beach, and most importantly, my hair. It´s the exact same beach as in this article I did on one piece swimsuit, but still looks so different. It looks less like a beach and more like a natural landscape. Of course I came across a family that had the same idea of taking pictures with this breathtaking scenario, and I really hope their group pic (I took of them) looks as good as some of this ones. 
I wanted to centre on the theme of follow me to paradise, because I´ve never had the opportunity of taking such good quality photos. I´ve seen lovely scenarios, but never something like this, maybe it´s because I´m used to this beach crowded of people, or I don´t know but.... I´m going to stop talking about the place and move on to the outfit. I´m wearing a dress I bought in Positano (and my mom wore for her birthday here) so it´s the typical beach wear in the Italian coast. I got a matching scarf as well, but I realised it was too much for the beach and any other situation. Moving on to the hat, isn´t it the cutest floppy hat ever? My friends gave it to me as a Christmas present and I couldn´t stop wearing it this summer. I like it because it´s big so it falls on the sides. Maybe it was not the best idea as regards the wind, but it did match the dress so it had to come. 
I recommend to wear dresses for an after beach because they are easy to put on, specially if you are still wet or dirty. Of course you can wear shorts and a t-shirt but I find it easier with a dress.
Going back to the pictures I had the idea of an order of entering the beach, and running to the sea and realising the side view I was having. So they have an order but I still like every single one of them, and I couldn´t be happier with the camera I bought on December because the quality, oh god, it´s unbelievable. 
I think I´m boasting it quite a bit with the pictures, right?

Hope you have a wonderful week and get ready for the new collections at fashion week!



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