Daisy, Marc Jacobs

Fragrance Friday? Maybe, just one time thing. I´m not an expert on this, but I just want to share my experience. I read some comments on a webpage of people saying that bloggers have no knowledge on perfumes and just take nice pictures of a perfume they are payed by. I´m not going to say some don´t because I have no idea, but as for me, I just show what I like and, as I said before, my experience. It´s like an unprofessional review. 
As regards Daisy, I wouldn´t say it´s my signature scent, but it definitely has a soft spot in my heat. I´m always into strong floral, and from my inexperienced smelling sence I can tell that it has mainly notes of gardenia, Jasmin and violet, also a strong smell of vanilla and from what I read it contains white woods (I could never detect this) and a subtle note of grapefruit and wild strawberry. But the main smell is of flowers, but the vanilla and woods accentuate the scent, while the fruits make it fresh. It´s a strong smell, perfect for summer and spring, but I sometimes feel down during the winter and wear it all the same. It´s labelled under the "summer fragrance" which means that maybe you can get it in a discount during the winter. Talking about this, I saw that in stores such as Nordstrom rack, you can find a-list fragrances on sale. It´s always good to know about sales, right?
As I investigated a little before writing this review, I came across an article, published in November edition of British Vogue by Jenny Van Sommers about how labels define our tastes. It states that visual and language have a control over odour perception, this means that we see a decorated bottle and  I it will makes us think it´s nicer than what we had thought if it had been in a regular bottle. Another interesting topic is about brands and celebrities. It gives to clear examples, one on Chanel No 5 while advertised by Marilyn Monroe, the sales went up and what´s more, we still associate it with her. Secondly, One Direction´s Our Moment was the fastest selling fragrance, and it was even in pre-order, people didn´t smell it, just bought it because a celebrity recommend it. 
It´s becoming a hard issue to find our identity with all the advertisement nowadays, but I dare you to start this adventure and seek for a fragrance that makes your mood lighten, that makes you feel comfortable, that identifies you. Good luck!

xxx, have a nice weekend!

My outfit:
drees by nucleo
headband by the beach guy (yeah, the ones you can get on the beach)
ring and earrings from Pandora
get Daisy here BUT SMELL IT FIRST!
lipstick by Marc Jacobs beauty in colour severine (112)


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