OrneLGA Travels to: Venice

Oh Venice Venice... Today I´ll be sharing my experience of a day in Venice and giving you some tips. Fist I´d like to explain the geography of the city. Venice is an isle located on the north of Italy over the Adriatic sea and counts with a terrestrial connection with the continent. I arrived through the Freedom bridge on train. From there I took the Vaporetto, a kind of aquatic bus, but you can also take a water taxi. If you are taking the vaporetto, look at all it´s rutes and take the one that goes through the grand canal from where you´ll have the best views of the city and will take you directly to the  touristic attractions. After that it´s time to start wondering around. First stop is Piazza San Marco where you´ll find the Basilica, the Duncal palace, tons of birds and coffee shops. After that you simple need to start wondering around this old city. You will see many bridges above small canals. All streets are only for pedestrians what will make you feel in as if you´ve travelled to the past. In fact it´s all so old...like really old. Constructions made of rocks such as the streets, it only makes it more vintage. Be careful of what way you take because not all streets take you back to the main canal. Another thing to take into considerations is that Gondalas are expensive, but the problem comes when you have 80 persons queueing to take one in every stop... I don´t regret don´t taking one because I would have been on the line for more than an hour, and even if it´s something unique, at least I took the vaporetto that is also unique. Before I forget, everywhere is crowded, tourists to be more precisely so be patient! 

Hope that if you visit Venice someday this helps you and if you want to know something more from my experience just ask me on the comments. 


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