OrneLGA travels to: Firenze

I go on with the Italy posts and in this opportunity I´m talking about Firenze. This city is less than 2 hours away from Rome, so is a great day tour. If you are planning on going, train is a great option, they are super comfortable, a lot of space, and fast!  (plus! the landscapes you see from the window is priceless)

First stop: Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore
This cathedral, located in the centre of the city has a an amazing architecture! so detailed! In general the old Italian architecture is fantastic, but there´s something so special about the Duomos. I´m also in love with the Milan Duomo, and now I totally understand why they are the central attraction of this two city's.

Walking through this small half pedestrian, half vehicle streets.

Oh yeah! A must drink: is a Cappuccino for me and a piccolo (super piccolo in my opinion) for mom!

The second place I loved and still dream of is the Ponte Vecchio. It´s a touristic place, but has a historical importance. The streets to get there are full of places to eat and shop but always medival. You MUST go to this bridge because the view is so flabbergasting!

Panna cotta gelato! I had no idea of what panna cotta was but it tasted like caramel. I found out it´s a dessert made with thick cream, egg white and sugar or honey. Yummy!

I highly recommend going to Firenze as it´s getting to know Italy. If you only go to Rome you´ll only see the touristic side of Italy, instead in Firenze and Pisa for example you´ll see the real lifestyle of Italy. Hope you like it! xxx


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