One Piece of Summer

Since it´s creation, swimsuits have developed into the several forms we have today, triangle bikinis, tankinis, strapless bikinis, with cut outs, and the wildest prints. What happens today is that quite a lot of people don´t know what to chose. I believe that you need to have a range a swimsuits and alternate them. And yes, you even need a one piece swimsuit. I recently bought this one because I wanted to know what it felt like and to my conclusion they feel different because they are different. My advice is that at the moment of picking one, try something with an original design such as an open back, cut outs or without straps and with a youthful colourful print. Of course this is what I did, but I would like any of the ones I listed at the end of the article.
A myth that needs to be clarified is that one piece swimsuits hide your lack of work out... wrong! Of course you are not showing your stomach, but the swimsuit is still tight in all you body so it won´t hide anything. About this I will tell you to be confident on your body and believe you look good so others will believe it to... and if they don´t  I Shake it Off!

Hope you have a nice weekend on the beach for all the southern hemisphere people, or a nice shopping spree for the others.

I´m wearing the swimsuit I showed you the other day and I listed my favourite crazy ones below...

Sin título #65

Michael kors swimsuit

Zimmermann floral bathing suit

Clover Canyon floral bathing suit

Suboo one piece swim suit

Shoshanna floral bathing suit

Mink Pink bandeau bathing suit

Pacha black halter top


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