I´d rather be Shopping

I´d rather be shopping... to be more precisely I always rather be shopping but that´s imposible. I´m having fun at the beach knowing that someday I´ll be shopping. It´s not that I can´t shop here in Punta del Este, but half of the shops are outlets and you never find what you want (aka I don´t want to pay for clothes from last season as if they were from this one). I don´t know why am I talking about my shopping problems when I should be telling you about my outfit... This would be the kind of thing I would wear everyday. It´s casual because of the white t-shirt and jeans, but it still has some personality given by the ripped jeans and (my coolest) boots. I´m a huge fan of ripped jeans and black  winter shoes, but I wouldn´t necesaryly wear them in winter. In fact when I shot this it was in the middle of december, with over 30°C. Remember that if you are going to wear boot in summer you just need to have a simple outfit and before doing it, just see if it´s suitable for the occasion. With this I mean that you are not going to the beach/pool party wearing boots. 
Just so you know I´m not wearing any make up at all. It´s good to be make up free once in a while and as I like showing myself as I am, I decided to take the pictures all the same. I mean that sometimes I like wearing make up and sometimes I take I break. And the same with my hair and casually this day was a make up and hair fixing free day...
Anyway, I wish you a nice week or end of the weekend! xxx

PS: I shopped a lot the day I took this pics...uhhh

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