Fragrance: Honey

You probably don´t know but I´m a huge fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances, something that happened casually after I got Daisy, and then I tried this and I liked it to. One of the reasons is it´s persistence. It lasts pretty much all day and has a fresh smell. I usually go for floral scents because they feel more natural, but in this case the smell it´s pretty real. It doesn´t have a strong smell of honey, but it´s a sweet mix of fruits (orange, peach, apricot, pear), vanilla and woods among others. It´s something different for me, and of course I´m not going to tell you go buy this perfume because it´s something really personal, but I do say it´s good quality and in my case a change of smells... 

Hope you like the pictures (I left you the links to shop bellow) and go try this fragrance!

PS: Do you like my hairstyle? 

Watch: Swatch
Buy Honey here 
Hairband: Zara


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