Cat Paint

Hey! How are you doing? I´m currently enjoying the warmness of the beach but I really miss my cat (and dog and hamster and friends) with my whole heart! Talking about cats, what do you think about my t-shirt, I looks so real! As you might already know, it´s from the mountain group. This brand does incredible realistic painting on t-shirts of several animals. I got it at Urban Outfitters but you can get it from their official website. I also want you to see the background, it´s at the Vatican gardens, which, in my opinion was the best part of my visit there When you walk miles in the ancient Rome, climb 500 steps, and go all around a museum, you just want to sit down for a moment and breath fresh air... Magical for me! xxx 

 T-shirt - shoes - rings -  and the rest of the accessories are from Swarovski


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