Always add Flowers

I´m literally running out of names for my flowery outfits! I´d been wearing so many flower printed clothes, specially now that the weather is encouraging. Talking about the hot weather, it´s so hard to get dressed for a day in the city. Pants are to hot, shorts too revealing, and then you have dresses that many people feel uncomfortable in... I tend to wear loose shorts that look like skirts but don´t, and if you still feel unsure I recommend to pic a shirt such as a flannel and tied it around your waist and done! I know it´s tough to go out during the summer, but it´s part of life we have to face it and dream of the beach... until your dream becomes a reality! 
Have a nice weekend! 
xxx Orne

Shorts: Forever 21 (I bought it 6 months ago so I´m pretty sure they are sold out, but they have many simirlar options rn)
Top: 47 street
Coat: Alcot via my Mom
Sandals: Zara


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