The Higher The better

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! If not, we are getting nearer Christmas so you can chill on those days. 
I wanted to start the week with this post because (I can´t contain it) it´s my favourite! I always say that but there are always new trends and dare myself to new challenges, and this time I´m sure this is my favourite from my trip to Italy (I know it was ages ago). There are many reasons on why I like this look so much. One of the reasons are the trousers. We don´t usually wear high waisted pants, but they look good. The key is in not wearing neither loose nor tight pants. Something in the middle is modern and body flattering, but don´t apply this to jeans cause that´s a different story. Another must, is the blazer, that along the striped shirt is a basic piece of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe. In other words, dark blue is one of the best alternatives to wearing blak every single day. It´s also MY colour of the season. 
This day I went to Laduree, the place that makes the best macarons in the universe! It´s ljke the cherry on top of my day, haha 

Let me now if you like it by comenting and you can also shop my look below.
xxx Orne

sunglasses - blazer -  trousers - lipstick (colour 112, severine)


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