OrneLGA Travels to: Milan

Milan, on the top 4 capitals of fashion, by saying this I want you to understand my excitement for being there!!! I´ll tell you a bit about the place but as you can expect, it´s all about shopping. 
I stayed at the ibis Hotel with a great location near Corso Buenos Aires. 

Corso Buenos Aires it´s a high street that has many shops, from department stores to designer houses. But the fun goes on, at the end of the street you´ll come across a pedestrian street under the name of Corso Vittorio Emanuele with more shops including the most breathtaking Zara ever (see the picture of the hanging mannequins). Not to mention the iconic Vittorio Emanuele Galery.

Outside you´ll see the duomo di Milano that will leave speechless. I´m not a big architecture fan but when I saw this place my eyes went wide! So many details, and thinking that it´s construction started so many years ago didn´t help. 
Oh, and just so you know, the place is full of pigeons and buskers of all kinds...

And a little bit further from the busy streets you have the Santa Maria delle Grazie with tons of religious paintings, including "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci in a special building. Remember you need to make an appointment before going,,, And in case you were wondering, I didn´t... 

As you can see there´s not much to do beside shopping but it´s still a beautiful city! Organised and not much traffic, need I say more?

xxx Orne


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