It´s almost Christmas!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!! Everybody (except for the Grinch) loves Christmas! It´s either the family reunions, the party's, the food or the presents, but something will make you feel different. In my case it´s a little bit of everything, specially for the food... But I´ll share more about it this weekend. 
Something that concerns us a lot is the "christmas outfit", that one that will appear in the pictures for a whole year. For me it was a really easy choice this year. A couple of hours before boarding my plane from Italy I spot this dress and instantly remind me of  those dresses the European royals wear. Super elegant and affordable, and the most challenging part was looking for accessories. I opted for some pears. Notice that headband I´m wearing, it´s super nice but a little bit uncomfortable. Before putting on the headband I did my braid, and last but not least, my make up with some golden details (I´m wearing Avon 24k golden lipstick). 
As you can see I have a natural tree this year. I find it really cute and it´s great as you don´t have to pack every year, it´s just a plant.
Talking about Christmas, it´s that time of the year to think in others instead of being self centred. Think on those who did good to you and those who don´t have the same opportunities as you.
Be thankful. 

xxx Orne

headband - watch - zara earrings - dress - my old worn out shoes - Lindt chocolate bear


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