Free as a Bird

Hello! Hope you all had Merry Christmas, with endless presents and full tummy's (tell me you did so I don´t fell bad). 
Today I´m blogging on this look that it´s kind of practical and as I always boast about the magic of the blazer. They simply make your outfit formal.
A highlight from this outfit has to be the sunglasses. I couldn´t resist the charm of a pair of real denim sunglasses, like jean! They are made by several layers of cloth and come in a darker colour to. Just amazing.
On a side note, I´m literally Rudolph the reindeer right now. I don´t now how did I get this cold with the local summer temperature, but I believe that being able to get rid of this situation would be a Christmas miracle...
Enjoy the weekend!
 xxx Orne

Blazer: zara
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Jeans: zara
Watch: Swatch
Accesories: ring and earings from Padora

And if you want to copy my hair, just follow Zoellas tutorial:


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