Flowers Overdose

Hi! I titled this article "Flowers Overdose" for an obvious reason, and I think I´m kind of obsessed with flower prints that came to me for no reason. The sweatshirt is kind of perfect for me, because I like happy faces as much as I like flowers, but I totally understand if you think the trousers are too much. I think that way to, but yolo! and now that I see the pictures I really like it. What I don´t remember is people looking at me for wearing flower prints in excess, I mean even if the stare just wear whatever you want. Don´t let people opinions change who you are, just be yourself and ignore the awkward starers.
In other words, I want to thank my friends for making me day better when I´m felling down. Love you!!! 
xxx Orne

Sweatshirt: Muaa - Trousers: Falabella - Sandals and Bag: Zara -


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