Hey! I´m going to start by saying this is a very important post for me because is the first one I took with a professional camera. OMG! 
Next I´ll let you delight your minds with an essay I wrote for English, it´s called "Back to Basics".

   Do you ever feel the need of being in fashion all the time? Well here’s the solution to all your concerns.
    Nowadays there´s a big pressure to being fashionable all the time, which means spending money on items you won´t wear again just because they are so notorious and unique that everybody will remember that moment in which you originally wore it. On the other hand, if you opt for basic clothes, the “once saved, always saved” expression explains it all. If you once wore a plain white t-shirt, you can easily re-wear it with different accessories and create a total new outfit and nobody will notice it´s the same basic t-shirt you wore last week.
    By basics, I understand they are also essential clothes every woman must have in her wardrobe.  This must-have items are plain black and white t-shirts in both, long and short sleeves, also striped ones and a feminine blouse, a trench coat, a black blazer matching your little black dress, and as regards shoes, with a pair of ballet flats and black pumps you´ll be fine. But over all, what you need is a pair of skinny blue jeans and you´ll be saved for life. I would say that lately the list of basics has increased adding raglan t-shirts, black tights and sneakers in women everyday outfits.
    Basics are not boring or simple, they make you look elegant and never out of place. People tend to wear more basics, but the truth is that there´s an alternation between basics and colourful and patterned designs. In fact trends come and go, but classic outfits are always classic, always present. You don´t believe me? If it helps you, Jackie Kennedy was still alive and able to survive to that hippie era in the 70´s, sooner in time, in the 90´s not everybody dressed up as a character from the movie “Clueless”, in fact  now we don´t go out wearing a meat dressed or slightly undressed.  If this wasn´t true, Calvin Klein or even Burberry among other designers, would have not survived in time.
     In the end basics were, are and will be forever a trend in the fashion industry. And if we want to look adequate to any situation we need to stick to them. 

Have a nice couple of last days of 2014! Loooove you! 
xxx Orne

  lipstick - shoes - blazer - the bag is from zara but not available online - jean -


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