OrneLGAtravelsto: Amalfi Coast and Capri

WOW! Was the first thing I said when the drive through the cliffs started. To clear things out I´ll explain you a little bit of my itinerary first. I arrived to Naples airport and drived two hours through those magical winding road on the edge of the cliffs. Going higher and higher, in an increasing speed, after a while we arrived to our destiny, Praino. We chose to stay in this city from the Amalfi Coast because we only found a worthy hotel with a breathtaking view here. The hotel is named Holiday and each room has a wonderful view of the Tirrano sea...need I say more? Take a look

My intention was to visit the eccentric view of the city of Positano, and it was not difficult at all to get there. You just have to take a bus that stops at the majority of the hotels and leaves you in the centre of Positano and has the opposite way back to Praino. In the former you have nice beach shops and some restaurants, with local made clothes that are to die for and a famous lemons shop. Also, there´s a lot of ceramic painting shops. But the magic is on the beach, where you can take a step back and appreciate the landscape of a cliff full of colourful houses. But first you still have a long way down on foot, and don´t panic, it´s also a wonderful road under a pergola and more shops around. Oh! And a chapel with a nice mosaic floor. It looks like a long way, but it´s just a couple of steps and stairs and you are there! By there, I mean the beach...

...see what I was telling you? Great for pictures! But in Praino you can also make use of your photography skills.

And an opportunity you can´t miss if you are visiting the coast, is going a day to the Isle of Capri. It´s great day trip that only takes 45 minutes in ferry and has a rather affordable price compared to any other tour offered. Just be aware of the times the boats sets off. When you get to the isle, you may think the trip is over, but no! You still have to climb to the peak of the mountain, unexpected but worth it. It´s a couple of many steps, but when you are there... what you see is unexplainable, no words, no pictures can describe what your eyes see. Before I forget, there´s no better place to eat a caprese salad than in Capri, right? Between the luxury of designers houses and a vegetation and nature preservation, you find Capri.

That's all for now... Short but literally one of the best places on earth. I´m so grateful for this opportunity, just speechless...

And in case you are wondering, this is the Mont Vesubio, a volcano that terrified my whole childhood... I don´t like it!


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