Hello! Happy Monday! I really wanted to share this pictures with you from my day in Pisa, this place impressed me so much! One of the most pinturesque places from Italy. I mean look at this scenario!!! I bough this dress because I had nothing to wear... Of course I´m lying, but actually I had no dresses to wear.  Dresses are always a good option but you may feel overdressed and that you can´t wear them many times and it will obvious. This is true but the key is on finding different ways of styling it and with flats to look more natural. Give them a try specially for the summer as they are practical for those extremely hot sunny with 40°c days. 
Right now I´m looking forward to many things: sharing all about Italy with you; Christmas (and presents); summer by the beach...and cool pics; and becoming a better blogger, yeah! 

Lots of kisses to all of you xxxxxxxxx

Details (most affordable ever):
 Dress: alcot
 Sandals: zara
 Rings: Swarovski
 Sunglasses: Ray Ban


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