Red and Blue, Checked

   Who doesn´t own a checked shirt? If you are a boy you surely do, but now the trend has spread over the female population. It´s either the regular way (like me), opened or tied around your waist. I must confess I was not a fan of shirts at all, maybe because older people wear them, but now I´m a little bit more mature and the way of starting to wear shirts had to be with a checked or denim one, something descontructured.
   I don´t want to miss the opportunity of sharing with you my lipstick. I know it´t hard to find the perfect red lipstick as miss Taylor Swift one.(P.S. have you seen her latest music video? I want all of her outfits) I found this shade from YSL beauty and I´m obsessed! You probably saw the advertisement ft. Cara Delevigne and it´s ralistic, I mean you will have that intense glossy look... not the rest haha. The product name is "Rouge pur Couture, Vernis a Levres glossy stain" in colour 9, Rouge Laque from Yves Saint Laurent and you can get it in Sephora and many other stores. 


  Shirt: zara
  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
  Ring: this beautiful cat ring was a present my friends (who are twins) gave me for my birthday, and want to wish them the very best Happiest Birthday!!! Love you both and thanks for always helping me haha. xxx


  1. Love this shirt very celine and the pattern clash with the Ray Bans! Suki and the City


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