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Hey! You all know by now that I´ve been in Italy and that I´m back at home now a.k.a. at my blog. Originally the trip started when my mother got obsessed as a teenage girl with a pop singer with wanting to meet the Pope. We started our trip in  anciests city's of all, Rome. Our plane set off on Friday the 3rd and after 13 long hours we arrived in Rome on the 4th (always taking into account that we have 4 hours of time difference). As tired as we were we simply went out for dinner and directly to bed. When our battery's were charged, we went out to explore the city aiming to visit the Fontana diTrevi but ended up going all around the city. As I was telling you, ALL you see is old... you´ve got the ancient monuments and old buildings that are not ancient but are still old... we can call them new for Rome. I have a theory that people run from one place to another because monuments might fall at any moment. Anyway to avoid tragedies everything is under reconstruction almost always (especially when I visit places) and of course that´s what I saw.
When thing I need to tell you is not to believe everything you read. It is recommended (in case you speak Spanish and no Italian) to speak to Italians in Spanish and not in English, and yes Spanish is similar to Italian but everybody at shops speaks English and threes no need of making weird signals. Of course that if you only speak Spanish you´ll be fine but if you need further explanations you will understand better in English. You can also learn some words in Italian as they are really simple, i.g. ice-cream is gelato (you all know this one), one is uno, two is due, still water is acqua naturale, tomato is pomodoro, goodmorning is bongiourno, hello/ goodbye is ciao and thank you is gratzie. Just some simple words I leanrt by reading those travellers book.
You also need to know that you can go evrywhere on foot as all monuments are surrounding the main street. No need of taxis or public transport, just you and your feet.
As Rome is the capital of Italy we decided to stay here and meanwhilo do some exursions to otheres citys. Just to clarify I stayed in Rome a couple of days at the beginging of the trip and also the last week where I got a especial visit,and in the middle I did move to another place you´ll find more about sooner.
Next you have some of the must see atracctions:

1_ Coliseum
You can buy the ticket online or inside the place and it costs 12 euros and if you are a happy citizen from the EU under 18 you get it for free! The ticket is valid for two days and includes the Coliseum, the Palatino and the Imperial Forums. I must admit that the Colliseum is the only place that is true to what people tell  you about. It´s huge and under reconstruction... but you can still apreciate all of it. Remember you can visit two floors of it and if you are fan of ancient history you can also hire a tour guide... not my case. After you go to the coliseum I went to the other places included on the ticket and be careful with the shoes you are wearing because the ground is covered with little rocks that might get in your sole... (ofcourse that was my situation). I went here with my friend  and we had no idea of where were we standing on so we just went with the flow and fell in love with some plants and vegetation in genereal is you don´t see much green in this city.

2_ Roman Forum and Arco di Constantino
This was the first place I went to as I litterally came across it on the first day. Even thogh the Forums are included in the coliseum ticket you don´t need to anything to see them. I recomend you to go on the same day as when you go into point 1 as this places are litterally one beside the other and you need to go through the Forums to reach the coliseum.

3_ Fontana di Trevi
 It was under reconstruction!!!!!!!!!! So sad! But I could still through a coin and I went back two weeks later! haha


5_Vittoriano and Piazza Venezia
The vitoriano is such a nice monument that you must see and it gives you a nice view of the Piazza Venezia and via del Corso (the main street that goes from this place to point 7)

6_Piazza di Spagna
One of the many dry piazzas that you´ll find in Rome with the particularity that it is a great place found by tourist to realax their legs.

7_ Piazza del Popolo and via del Corso
This piazza is located at the end of via del Corso where you´ll find all kind of shops especially department stores. 

8- Piazza Quirinale
I´m not sure if this place is a must see point of interest, but if you ask me, it was the quietest place in Rome. When you are there a magical feeling of relaxation appears. MUST SEE!

9- Piazza Navona
On the other hand this is a highly recomended place but I didn´t find much sense while there.

There´s a market that opens during the morning that you should probably check, maybe you won´t be buying much as half of the things are fresh vegetables or flowers, but go take a look at the colourful pasta

11- For luxury shopping check Galeria Alberto Sordi and take a walk through via del Babuino.

I´m the tour guide! Don´t get lost kids!

11- Via Natzionale is great place for food and a little shopping. It´s a great street to stay at because it´s really near the center and the historical buildings.

12- Don´t miss the opportunity of crossing one of the bridges over the Fiume Tevere.

13- You´ll see some random places like fountains with water and ruins... just apreciate the view, because what you see with your eyes doesn´t compare with pictures. 

(touristic picture)

Let´s be serious, this is what you all been waiting for. Some places I highly recommend are Hard Rock cafe where you´ll see an incledible suit wore by the iconic Jimmy Hendrix. There are some cool restaurants in the colona zone and you can always eat inside Albeto Sordi. I also mention that in via Natzionale there are some interesting places to eat, especially for GELATO! Ice-cream is great! Eat as much as you can and be careful with nutella... Another must is cafe il grecco, it´s a historical place, well located and yummy! I also tried Laduree for the first time! AMAZING! Note that when you order a coffee they´ll bring you something that slightly contains coffee haha, just be carefull with your order. Food was great!

Last but not least, I want to thank my team. Mom, thanks for giving me the opportunity of travelling with you and I hope your dreams (that you´ll be seeing soon) came true as you expected. Also for being a good travelling buddy and giving me the freedom of deciding and proposing new things to do. Before I forget, thank you for coping up with my picture tanking 24/7. 
Joyce, my favourite Austrian that essen a lot. I can´t believe you came to Rome just to see me! That speaks so well of you... I just realise I picked good friends. Now you are going to be my official friend of the backpack and Rome! I hope you enjoy spending some time with us and, again, thank you for visiting me with only a week of anticipation. I promisse you I´ll visit you sooner or later, but I´ll go. 
I´m so happy that both of you got well together and I can´t thank you enough! THANK YOU!! As I am not a humble person you should thank me for not getting lost and being able to go everywhere. And for being a nice translator! 
Can´t wait for more adventures like this one! But first let me take a selfie....

Just to let you know, the rest of my travel diary will be up on the next couple of days, this is only Rome. 
Have a nice day! xxx


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