Midi Girl

Hey! Happy Friday!! And what makes my day happier is the fact that I´m sharing this outfit with you as it is one of my favourite ones since I started blogging. There´s something about a midi skirt that I haven´t seen before. I´ve seen many bloggers wearing them but I never thought I would wear one. Only after I bought this one on a whim and fixed the outfit I realised how good they look and fit. Plus, when you wear them you can bring your carefree self out, and still look as feminine as when you wear a nice dress. I couldn´t be happier with midi skirts! I´ll be wearing them during the summer (as here) and winter with high boots as I´ve seen they look amazing together! The only thing you need to take into account is that you must wear a heeled shoe. I know that everything looks better with heels, but in this case there´s no other option, trust me! And in case you were wondering, I couldn´t sip up my boots... haha yeah and I didn´t end swimming in those canals (This pictures are from my day in Venice). 
I say you should go and get a midi skirt, mainly because it suits all kind of bodies and you feel comfortable while wearing it! Also this is a great outfit idea for a Christmas dinner... What do you say? Have a fabulous weekend! xxx
P.S. this day my hair was magically naturally curly and I think this hair style is great for those kind of days as it takes the uncomfortable curls from your face. And don´t tell me bows aren´t cute cause it´s the perfect touch. x

Midi Skirt: zara
Blazer: zara
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Boots and Top: zara
Hair bow: Forever 21 here and here


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