Happy Sunday!!! I´m celebrating today with this pictures... if that´s a way of celebrating. I´m really happy because I´m almost done with this year but I´m also extremely scared of the exams and I´ll probably won´t be posting much because I enjoy writing but when I´m busy my head doen´t all! 
I believe that black is the most flattering colour as regards dressing but sometimes you can fell that you are always dressed in the same way. The good thing is that you can combine it with many (almost all) colours. Gold is the new trend, forget about silver details cause now is all about the golden pleated accessories. I couldn´t like it more! Of course I had to get rings in this tone because I´m always up to rings mainly because they are the easiest accessory to put on. Oh! And I´m also wearing a headband! I must admit I used to wear one everyday when I was 12... I don´t know what was I thinking but I totally loved them and now Greek goddess headbands are also trendy so I might move to this side again. 
Hope you start a nice week! xxx
P.S.: I envy my two weeks ago self for being at that place with such a breathtaking view! 

Rings: swarovski and the hand/rings set is from forever 21
Headband: here and similar
Sunglasses: ray ban


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