Halloween x Wednesday

Happy almost Halloween! Year after year people go crazy looking for a costume to wear on the 31st of October and so far the easiest one I´ve found is going as Wednesday Addams. You only need a black dress and a white collar... you hair should go in two braids and there´s no need of make-up, just don´t sun bathe. You can see that I found a dress that looks similar to the characters one at H&M and you can re-wear it on other non-party days as I did last week. 
Talking of Halloween, pumpkins are totally a thing. I spot one at a market and instantly wanted to make one, but right now I´m kind of busy but I swear next year I´ll do one and pup my cat inside in order to make it more real. ;)
Are you ready for Halloween? And most importantly, are you ready to eat tons of sweets? I´m always up for it! 

xxx OrneLGA

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: ring and earrings from Pandora


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