Taylor Swift: Summer Style

Taylor Swift, queen of breakup songs started break our hearts with her street style. The reason might be that she lives in New York and you necessarily need to look fashionable even though you are just going to the gym or for a walk as Taylor. If you ask me, she is in the peak of the mountain, I´ve never seen her street style as good as now. I used to be a huge fan of her red carpet style, but now she aced it in all ranges. I believe it´s a very accessible look that we can all imitate, and if you add red lipstick, you´ll be Taylor. 

Dresses: some shirt dresses but mainly waist cuts in really short length or, on the other extreme, under the knee. Some dresses say pin up from every angle, but flower prints rule her style

 Two Pieces: similar to her dresses but in two pieces we have this skirts that she styled with tops in the same patter or in some cases she risk it to mix them with other.  Also tight skirts that make her style more formal but still interesting for an everyday look.



Jumpsuits:  More flowers...


Pants/Shorts: last and least she styled some pants. It´s interesting how she wore her t-shirts with them and how she keep her shoos with shorts.


Any favourite? I mainly liked some dresses and some skirts, and definitely will be copying her this summer. xxx


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