It Comes and Go

HIIIII...It´s been ages since I last made a personal style post because of my exams and fashion week. Luckily I passed my exam and on Monday I´m sitting for another one and I hope I get the same result, wish me luck. As regards fashion week, there´s still Paris waiting for fashion lovers and personally Italy is waiting for me. I´m soooo excited! Let me know if you have any advice and tips. 
Coming back to this post named "It comes and go" I´m referring to seasons, it´s already spring here and I love this season but it´s still cold so this is what I chose to wear. Pete Pan collars were a huge trend last year but I still love it. Down I leave you some of my favourites. Hope you have a nice Thursday!
P.S: I went to see Michael Buble last week and despite the rain it was a great concert. He has a wonderful voice! I know nothing about music, but live he sounds as good as in his recorded versions. Bless him!

The Obelisc is hiding behind me! haha

So you can see more Peter Pan collar shirts next: 1234

Today I´m not having luck finding the exact things I´m wearing but they are quite basic and as regards the boots, they are from last season but as I was so in love with them I never dared to wear them... never again!
Love you!


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