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Reading is a good thing, I´m not the biggest reader but I managed myself and I´m happy with this books born in the fashion industry. One of the most popular ones is "IT" by Alexa Chung, launched this time last year and maneged to sell more than 70.000 copies when launched. Not it has it´s paperback version, but the hardcover looks cuter. Anyway the content is the same, it´s an autobiography that in fact doesn´t look like one. Of course that she tell certain experiences in her life but I´m mainly recommendations and her inspirations since her early years, oh and many pictures too. My favourite part is where she explains how difficult is for a girl to come out of a car particularly while wearing a skirt. I must confess I bought the book on a trip and as soon as I got on the plane I started to read it and finished it in just an hour! I was so caught! If you like Alexa´s style you should read it as you´ll get all her secrets, even as regards make up. 
Also my outfit has nothing to do with the book but I also like it because I finally wore "suit pants". It´s really trendy for a red carpet now to wear a suit instead of a dress and why not? Probably I talk about it in another article... That´s all for now! Enjoy the last days of NYFW, which reminds me that I´ll post my overall summary at the end of the week and my favourite street style looks, and get ready for her younger sisters aka as London, Milan and Paris. Loving it so far!
(P.S. have you seen my new phone case? It even has wishers!)

  Heels: zara sale
  Book: Alexa Chung IT 
  Phone case: Moschino also liking the bear version
  Ring: Swarovski
  similar pants


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