Dotted Nails

  Hi! I´ve been working on this the whole afternoon (maybe just for two hours but it felt longer) and I´m sorry for my lack of professionalism but I´m extremely busy but, as you can see I still have some time to do what I like the most, blogging! As you can see this isn´t an outfit article, it´s about nails! I love painting my nails with all my hear despite having the worst nails, fingers and hands ever. I look like a 7 years old girl with the shortest nails. Anyway I go on trying new things and today I tried the following:

  Step 1: have the idea and look for everything you need for the next hour. I first saw some magazines, instagram inspiration and my new book, The Craft by Lou Teasdale that you can shop here. It´s a great book, I got it less than two days ago and I can´t stop reading it. It´s crazy inspiration with good tips for hair, make up and nails, but I like it because it´s out of the normal, everything is taken to the extreme and there´s no shame of over using make up or hair colour, as if it was and editorial. You will find many things about this hair and make-up artist because she works with One Direction but I´m sure she does completely different things to them.
  Revlon in Charming (not prince charming) Victoria´s Secret in String Bikini and the sticks and Fuchsia polish are from Avon. 

  Step 2:  paint your nails as you usually do and repeat it as many times as necessary. In this case I did it twice but maybe if this would have been the only step I would have done one more time. Have in mind that it´s not necessary to paint them perfectly as you will work over it and imperfections will be covered.

Step 3: after you let your nails dry (this is essential) choose another colour, I opted for a dark one, and pour some in a sheet of paper. Grab the stick (and in case you don´t have one don´t worry because I´ve done it with a round point pencil and works amazingly well) and put it in the poured enamel and try to draw dots on the sheet. I did only a few dots in a medium size but you can experiment, and when you are ready do it on your nails. 

Step 4: now we move on to another colour and notice that you don´t need to let the previous colour dry. I opted for this gummy pink as I like to call it and this stick draw smaller dots which allows me to do more of them in each nail. Repeat what you did in the previous step. 

Step 5: we are almost finished but first you have to add a transparent top coat to protect your nails and make all this hard work last longer. IMPORTANT: be 100% percent sure that your nails are dry before applying the top coat and after it wait as long as needed before doing something else.

Step 6: enjoy your new withing reach nail art! :)

As I´m doing here... 

Before saying goodbye, I´d like to remember Joan Rivers who passed away today. When I hear about the sad news it hit me hard because I always watched her show and she was the only person capable of mixing comedy and fashion in order to create the best (and only) fashion show of the T.V. At home we all loved her, and even my dad new about her. We lost the biggest female comedian of all times... Let´s remember her best moments and talent, RIP Joan from a Joan Ranger. xxx


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