Hey Guysss! Hope you had a nice week! I had an exhausting week, but in the end, I´ll always have my blog! In case you are wondering, I did copy Miranda Kerr, haha,I love the look on her and did copy the idea of boyfriend jeans. She wore it with sandals but if I did at this time of the year, I would have looked like a freak. Also, this is the same top I´m wearing here in black and obviously when I found it in sale I knew I need it. I´m also loving my eyelashes result, I´m getting better with practise as they say... And I also like my bracelet/rings. If you are wondering, it´s from Forever 21 and I bought it from a few dollars. I recommend the model to anybody that likes jewellery, and as me, start by buying this cheap things to try them. That´s all for now! Check out tomorrow to see my Paris Fashion Week summary. xxx

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