Teen Choice Awards 2014

Another year of being a teen but every year I realise I know less about the people on the, in this case, blue carpet. Despite my knowledge, I was capable of selecting my favourite looks. What I like the most about this events is that the outfits don´t need to be formal, on the other hand, they have some beach inspiration as all winners want to go directly to swim the waves with their surfboards. 
Next you have my top five full of braids and two pieces (actually in all of them):

Otro año siendo adolescente, pero cada año me doy cuenta lo poco que  se sobre las personas, en este caso, en la alfombra azul. A pesar de mi bajo conocimiento fui capaz de elegir mis looks favoritos. Lo que mas me gusta de estos eventos es que los outfits no necesitan ser formales, por el contrario, tienen una inspiracion de playa. A continuacion les dejo mi top 5 lleno de trenzas y dos piezas. 

Taylor Swift

Shay Mitchell

Nina Dobrev

Kylie Jenner

Selena Gomez
Some other looks worth seeing:

 And last but not least, the 4 outfits Sarah Hyland, the presenter, wore last night:

What do you think? Do you have a favourite outfit? What about the make up? Leave me your answers below and tell me if there´s another celebrity you liked. xxxx


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