Slip Dress

I´m gonna start by telling you the truth: I saw this dress last October when I was in L.A., part of the new winter collection from Zara, but I absolutely thought they were extremely revealing. Life went on and I forgot about it, but last week I went shopping and this dress was on sale and I said, "why not trying it on?". The truth is that I never thought I would like how it looked on me because I´ve seen slip dresses endless times on Kate Moss and on Victoria Beckham and believe they looked amazing but just because they are really skinny. I proved myself wrong and here I´am, happy with my dress. If you style it correctly, instead of looking like a night gown, it will end up being an elegant option. As it has an open back, it´s nice to show it by having an updo hair style and I think this is one of the easier ones, just watch the video I linked bellow and you´ll ace it. Hope you have a nice almost weekend! xxx 

Me in my natural habitat (and not being able to contain my laughter, I don´t know how models do it!)

I´m wearing: 
zara dress, shoes and clutch
Tommy Hilfigher bracelet
I used this Sephora glitter eyeliner and mascara in a silver black color (among other make up)
and followed Zoella´s easy tutorial that you can watch here

Some slip dresses I´ve been loving:


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